Retail Security

Reddy Security Group Retail Security provide this service to several retailers across the Gold Coast. The service we provide can be tailored to the retailers’ specific needs.

Retail Security Services Gold Coast

We understand the importance of visual presence and the deterrent it can be for potential shoplifters. The presence of a security guard in your store creates a safer environment both for your customers as well as your staff.

We specialize in loss prevention, static guard and bag checking. Over the years we have established a good relationship with local police, which is a vital part of our overall success.

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What Makes Reddy Security Group Different?

The owner of Reddy Security Group, Tony Redman, is a Gold Coaster. Born, schooled and experienced on the Gold Coast. He has established a security solution tailored to the Gold Coast for Gold Coasters.

Our business is based on personalized service based on experience and our client’s needs. Our aim is to develop a system that provides a security service built on reliability, trust and results.

What we offer our clients

  • A tailored security management system ensuring a safe environment for your patrons, guests, residents and staff members.
  • A specialist service based on local knowledge gained from years of working and managing security across the Gold Coast.
  • Instant response to security issues as guards are available 24/7 across the central Gold Coast region.
  • Regular security meetings with clients.
  • Skilled, experienced, well-spoken and well-presented guards.
  • Competitive rates