Sporting and Special Events Security

Organizing an event is a complicated matter. Not only do you, as the organizer of the event, want to make sure your guests enjoy the event, you want to make sure they are safe.


This is where we at Reddy Security Group can assist you. We can provide the perfect security solution to guarantee as safe environment for both your guests as well as the people working at the event.

The security solution we can provide you with will be specifically tailored for the event you are organizing. We will provide the right type of security guards for your event to make sure your event will be safe. At Reddy Security Group we employ both male and female security guards.

All our security guards have gone through proper training and will have the correct qualifications and skills to create a safe environment for your event. They will be present but at no stage stand out.

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What Makes Reddy Security Group Different?

The owner of Reddy Security Group, Tony Redman, is a Gold Coaster. Born, schooled and experienced on the Gold Coast. He has established a security solution tailored to the Gold Coast for Gold Coasters.

Our business is based on personalized service based on experience and our client’s needs. Our aim is to develop a system that provides a security service built on reliability, trust and results.

What we offer our clients

  • A tailored security management system ensuring a safe environment for your patrons, guests, residents and staff members.
  • A specialist service based on local knowledge gained from years of working and managing security across the Gold Coast.
  • Instant response to security issues as guards are available 24/7 across the central Gold Coast region.
  • Regular security meetings with clients.
  • Skilled, experienced, well-spoken and well-presented guards.
  • Competitive rates